Welcome to the Sombre Days

Welcome to the Sombre Days is my autobiographical story told in eighty-eight poems. This includes themes of religious upbringing, sexual orientation and coming of age, depression and mental health, identity and relationships.

The book is divided into four chapters:
1. Puppet Strings
2. Welcome to the Sombre Days
3. Silver Linings
4. Finding the Warrior Within

You may get this book through AmazonKindle, Barnes & Noble, & Indie Bound. Add the collection to your Goodreads list.


The first seven poems are online so that you can read them and get a taste of the first chapter. Follow the links to read them:

  1. Dancing Queen
  2. Fruitcake
  3. The Best of Both Worlds
  4. Applause
  5. Hush!
  6. Inside Me (1)
  7. Ink-chanted (1)


This book welcomes us to the sombre days, and in the same breath, it shows us the light at the end of the tunnel. We are led into worlds through sensual words and precise descriptions.

Jeremy is a combination of young age with great wisdom. His poems share his past difficult experiences, through his current sensitivity and sense of humour. He is only twenty-three, but his heartfelt life observations and wisdom in his poetry would suit a much older man. Reading Jeremy’s book was an emotional bittersweet experience for me. Knowing him beforehand, I was thrilled to have this opportunity to get to know him better. Indeed, I am moved by his beautiful writing and his gift of describing his past with such grace and beauty. Yet, it was difficult to learn of all the pain he went through, of how strongly he did not belong. Alas, belonging is one the biggest human yearnings.

Jeremy touches his past self heartfully, courageously. The wise, gentle, endearing, heartbreaking observations in his poetry, connect gracefully to the human soul. Read with consciousness, as some of his poems evoke one to stop and think of oneself:

All my childhood was an act
and I have no idea who I really was
and I have no idea who I really am.


Prepare yourself for a powerful, soulful and wildly beautiful journey.

Wishing you a good read,
Lihi Ben Haim,
Founder of the Poetry Community

As a writer and poet, I tend to avoid the over usage of adjectives. However, as you can see, they took over, no matter how badly I tried to fight them! Maybe you’ll understand and forgive me once you begin to read this book.


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eBook: Kindle
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      1. Indeed! It’s a lot of writing (like the usual poetry that I post here), but then it takes a lot more editing and cohesiveness and cover design, and editing the poetry again etc.

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