The A to Z of You and Me

First published in January 2017, The A to Z of You and Me is a collection of 26 love poems. The poems featured in this publication are all dedicated to my boyfriend and tell my experience of our story in an honest way. Feelings expressed within the poems range from those of adoration and love to those vulnerable moments of isolation and neglect. Throughout the book, these conflicting emotions clash in a harmonious symphony, painting the whole picture of the relationship, with all its struggles and rewards.

On December 2017, I have published a second edition of the book including change of fonts, minor design changes, and a new book cover. The book is available from Amazon (Kindle).

Other stores may have it available under the ISBN: 978-1389137235

If you are a fan of Goodreads, use the buttons below to add the book to your shelves or read the reviews! Make sure to leave a review when you finish reading. 
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As a preview of what to expect, you can preview 3 poems featured in the book: AngelHolySilence
Kindle Second Ed
The A to Z of You and Me (Second Edition) Front Cover



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