The A to Z of You and Me is a collection of 26 poems – one for each letter of the alphabet. As a whole, the book is themed upon romance as the poems are based on the author’s personal long-distance relationship.  The author acknowledges that the psychological experience of love is personal and describes his feelings with a sense of responsibility of what they might communicate to his significant other.

Although various poems elicit romantic and joyous feelings, others tell the painful story of emotional and vulnerable moments, such as that of feeling isolated or neglected. Throughout the book, all these emotions are mixed together, and they exist in a truthful harmony. Hence, the poems are not romantically delusional, but a realistic portrayal of multiple and sometimes contradicting aspects. This is how the title hopes that this collection encompasses such experience.

The book is available on Amazon as paperback (Amazon) and e-book (Kindle), which is currently free for any Kindle Unlimited users. It can be found in only physical format on other online bookstores under the ISBN 9781366582089. The collection has also been added to Goodreads, where readers reviews books that they have read.

You can preview my book (which includes 3 poems) here:



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