Welcome to the Sombre Days


Welcome to the Sombre Days is a full-length poetry collection published in 2018. The eighty-eight poems are centred around the themes of religious upbringing, sexual orientation and coming of age, depression and mental health, identity and relationships. Embark on this personal story through four sections: Puppet Strings, Welcome to the Sombre Days, Silver Linings and Finding the Warrior Within.

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The A to Z of You and Me

Kindle Second Ed
The A to Z of You and Me

First published in January 2017, The A to Z of You and Me is a short collection of 26 love poems. I’ve recently unpublished this collection, as although I believe it’s sweet and it was enjoyed by some readers, I don’t think its poems reflect who I am as an author.



Featured Work

One of my poems, The Raging Storm, has been featured in Fly on The Wall Poetry Press’ Please Hear What I’m Not Saying. Proceeds from this book go to the MIND Charity, a non-governmental organisation that focuses on improving Mental Health.

please hear what i'm not saying
Please Hear What I’m Not Saying

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