I open my eyes to find myself deep inside a cave,
pitch black vision and echoing footsteps.

In front of me I can hear
liquid dropping into a puddle or sea,
so I stand still
thinking of ways to not drown myself.

From some path ahead,
a loud screech strikes,
Startled I step back…

Sinking in a thick liquid,
a liquid that was whispering
all the things I had written
in each of my exams.

The ink found its way back
to the author who shaped it,
ruthlessly seeking for the meaning
behind every letter and word,
filling my mind with unshakeable worries.


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Blink Again

Ticking day off the calendar
faster than I can blink.

While I’m in the middle of my slumber
time abuses my sleepy brain.

I am not aware of what is happening –
all I hear is loud sirens
attempting to alarm me of some danger.

Back to my man cave I go
hiding, hibernating…

I am… Yours

In memory of your birth
the tribal celebrations
have commenced.

Primitive love
for the guy I treat like a god,
unorthodox sacrifices
are coming your way.

Have my tender lips and my sweet voice,
I will always speak in behalf
of what is right,
to protect your holy thoughts
from the evil that lurks.

I offer you my ears,
they will hear
each of your requests,
with my full attention
I will dedicate my life.

Take my legs,
they will support you
the same way that they carried me
for twenty-two years.

I offer you my mind,
my thoughts,
my capabilities of solving any problem,
it will by your aid.

Don’t forget to take my heart,
it will stay beating
as long as it is in your hands,
my emotions are solely dedicated to you
and everything I do revolves around you.

Oh lover,
dear god,
take all of who I am,
let us become one super-man
joining our strengths
and protecting each other from our weaknesses.


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Night Shade

Wet feet
dipping in the salty waters
of the lukewarm sea.

The rocks sharply scratch my skin
with every slight movement
of my body.

There I lay
between an infinite sea
and an even larger sky.

My beady eyes reflect
the moonlight
brighter than the water does.

I am lost,
staring onto a far away distance
trying to make sense.

An intense confusion,
thoughts running through my head,
tonight I will sleep with them unresolved.

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The Dance

Time is the beat
that creatures endlessly dance to.

Life is given to us
and we move freely
to the sound we perceive.

We keep dancing until
the beat drops so low –
we cease to exist.

No point in arguing the meaning
no reason to praise the giver of life
or to hate the one that takes it away.

Life is our current state of being
and we better celebrate it before
the song ends.


Decades turning right and turning left
into dead ends
between four cold walls.

Drowning in my own spit
suffocating in my own air
beautiful existence rotting
into a miserable curse.

Once a week I smile
and you snap a picture
telling every body
I am enjoying my life
more than ever before.

The crowd cheers
as my heart aches,
their joy is blinding
to the tears I shed
into this tiny pool.

What is poetry?

I am baffled…
How can poetry be classified
and judged in objective terms?

Is it the words that make the poem
or is it the emotion behind it?

For me, the therapeutic effect
is all that I seek
and every poem I write
serves that purpose
and is intrinsically valuable.

Yet to a reader who seeks solace
and finds none
judges poetry to be bad,
with his bitter after taste
laying on his untouched tongue.

Thus, poetry can be like philosophy
a way of living
a way of looking at things
and every judgement made on any poem
is simply an expression
of the relation between
the reader and the interpretation of the text.


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Hamster Wheel

A new semester begins
the same cycle
all over again.

First day
each student looks like a victim
of a humiliating public beheading.

Demoralised hamsters
running and spinning
on the same old wheel,
remaining in a fixed spot.

The future seems distant and bleak,
all this running is exhausting
and we are reaching nowhere –
we are only getting slimmer.

Stay focused
keep running,
they are saying that the finish line
is quite near.


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Marching Feet

An emperor penguin
elected as the new leader
of the Antarctic region.

Other species of penguins delighted,
their voices were going to be heard.

They cry in fear of the dangers their homes face
a mysterious force
breaking off glaciers
one by one.

On his first week
the new ruler denied rumours
that glaciers were even moving,
so he transferred all the penguins
to the farthest region
where cold waves
crush the edges of ice they meet.

the penguins felt betrayed
they marched together with their
tiny unhappy feet
to protest the unjust insanity,
screaming into the emperor’s deaf ears.

As they were about to lose hope,
the animal kingdom created an alliance –
the seals clapping to motivate and support,
the whales destroying any trade towards the palace,
the albatrosses stealing luxuries
to deliver to the abandoned penguins.

The penguins moved towards the safer inlands
as they kidnap the greedy emperor
and banishing him onto the edge of the glacier
that is breaking off into an iceberg
sailing into uncharted seas.


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