From the Backseat of a Bus

In From the Backseat of a Bus, Jeremy Mifsud encounters a variety of experiences during his commute. Published by Ghost City Press (2019), the microchap contains 9 poems about bus passengers and observations of the outside world. This edition is freely available from the publisher’s site.

The extended chapbook includes 7 additional poems that reflect on the poet’s personal experiences (pertaining to bus travel). From these 7 poems, “Reminiscence” and “Situationship” have been published in Door is a Jar Magazine and Marias at Sampaguitas respectively. This edition can be purchased on Kindle or downloaded freely from Ko-Fi. Reviews can be found on Goodreads.

This is what Carla Sofia Ferreira, High School Teacher and Poet, had to say about the chapbook:

“This is such a fun and delightful read that manages to ask serious questions while playfully bending form! Also, Mifsud is so skilled at enjambment: I love the clever bend and tilt of the lines, imitating the movement of a bus on city lanes, sometimes smooth, often jolting.”

Carla Sofia Ferreira, Teacher and Poet

The following is a poem from the collection.


I overheard
a teenage girl
telling her friends
she can’t go out tonight.

Her parents
can’t pick her up
            & it’s too dangerous
            for a girl
            to walk alone
            after 9pm.