Holy (Poem Featured in my Book)

A man so handsome, about to be thirty, so young. He is no god, life full of mistakes, imperfections, unfulfilled dreams. When seen on the streets, he is just another average man who hides the charm of his soul. His morals are holy an angel in disguise doing good deeds, or at least he tries. … Continue reading Holy (Poem Featured in my Book)


Silence (Poem Featured in my Book)

Here is a video of me reading the poem: https://youtu.be/f_9G8crSz7s I enter the room, my footsteps echo, as the cold air touches my skin. My heart beating, body breathing, no other movement can be heard. You are nowhere to be seen, my eyes remain hopeful, trying to find a trace of any of your belongings. … Continue reading Silence (Poem Featured in my Book)