Tethered Strings: A Fifty-Word Story

Tethered Strings

My skin is a cocoon of smooth silk, a coffin of tethered strings burying the child I used to be.

Burn us. My ashes are his ashes. When we become dust, you can hold him in your hands again.

The winds will try to scatter us once more. Protect us.

Prompt: Child
Photo: Francesco Gallarotti
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Shackled: A Fifty-Word Story



Frankie and Vince strode by the sea, their hands held.

A stranger hissed. “Poor creatures. They sold their souls to Satan.”

Frankie glanced. The woman’s ankles and wrists were shackled to a prison wall.

He chuckled. “Seems you’ve sold yourself to God. Hun, I’ll be the one praying for you.”

Prompt: Soul
Publications: Jeremy Mifsud
Photo: Kaley Dykstra on Unsplash

Defenceless Orangutans: A Fifty-Word Story


Defenceless Orangutans

Screams filled the forest. “It’s getting away!”

“Not on my watch.” Ora swung between tree branches until the perpetrator stood alone in barren land. She leapt forward, slamming her body weight onto its metallic back.

“W-what? It’s invincible.”

The creature jerked its mechanical limbs and flung Ora to the ground.

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Fifty-word story prompt: Chase
Header image: James & Carol Lee
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