Freewrite Poem: Mixed Signals

Today I decided to do The Single Weekend Freewrite Prompt, of which I chose Parking Ticket. This time around, I decided to write poetry, as it’s what I want to reconnect with the most and push myself more into. I wrote the poem in 5-minute freewrite without any edits.

Freewrite Poem_ Mixed Signals.png

Mixed Signals

I thought you wanted me as much as I wanted you.
My heart ran away from its home town
and sped through highways across the world
just to find yours,
hiding, not wanting to be found,
disconnected from any radar.

I’ve parked my love outside your childhood house
and waited for you, night & day.
You were never ready
but the warden did not care.
I got a parking ticket cause I stayed there too long
& the neighbours thought I was being creepy.

But you’re the one who asked me over,
dancing around with my feelings
but never ready to commit.

I’ve been here, waiting
for you to let me in. So,
shall I knock one last time?

Another nightfall is upon us
and I would like to sleep on a bed tonight.
I could find a cheap motel on my way back home,
somewhere were alone does not hurt
as much as being rejected –
or rather, played with.

See, I have no problem with rejection.
But I feel lied to – the way you made me believe
that you were my future,
the goal, the thing I need to survive.
I was set on you & I would still like to give you that chance.

Perhaps I am dousing my heart in more fuel
for you to burn it while it is alive & beating.
I knew you liked your food crispy-burnt,
but never knew you were a carnivore too.


Spoken Word #007: “Archetypes” & “Blossom”

You can listen to the audio of both poems on Anchor, Audio: “Archetypes” & “Blossom”

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The two poems featured in today’s episode can be read down below:

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Spoken Word #06: Thinking of You

Audio: Thinking of You

Listen to the reading of the poem “Thinking of You.”

Carve a slit
between my pecs,
            rip my chest apart
                        and watch my heart 
                        drop onto your feet.

Excerpt from “Thinking of You”

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