Spoken Word #007: “Archetypes” & “Blossom”

You can listen to the audio of both poems on Anchor, Audio: “Archetypes” & “Blossom”

Both of these poems were printed last year in my collection, “Welcome to the Sombre Days” (2018). This book is free for two days only: today, Friday 8th, and tomorrow, Saturday 9th of March. Be sure to snag a copy while it’s free!

The two poems featured in today’s episode can be read down below:


Free Poetry Book Promo: Welcome to the Sombre Days

It’s been a year since I published my collection, “Welcome to the Sombre Days” (2018). The book is free on Kindle for two days only: today, Friday 8th, and tomorrow, Saturday 9th of March.

Welcome to the Sombre Days contains 88 poems, from which a few have been published by other literary magazines. The poems are ordered in a chronological order, with emergent themes of a Catholic upbringing, sexual identity, coming of age, depression & mental illness, personal identity, and relationships.

Downloading the book while it’s free will help it become more visible to other readers. Moreover, a part of me hopes that those of you who read the book and like it could spread the word, leave a rating or a review on Goodreads or Amazon and help my book reach a wider audience.

I’d like to thank all other writers & readers for their support, as well as the editors & readers who believed in my work and published it in their magazines. I wouldn’t be here without the awesome poetry community!


In a couple of days, my collection, “Welcome to the Sombre Days“, will have its anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, the book will be available for FREE on Kindle for two days: Friday 8th and Saturday 9th March, 2019.

You can help me out by adding the book on your to-read list on Goodreadsand download it during the free days to boost its ranking.

Spoken Word #06: Thinking of You

Audio: Thinking of You

Listen to the reading of the poem “Thinking of You.”

Carve a slit
between my pecs,
            rip my chest apart
                        and watch my heart 
                        drop onto your feet.

Excerpt from “Thinking of You”

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