just me
and my thoughts,

Is my voice

barge in,
when needed
they disappear.

Time warps,
reality and dream

night or day?

day or night?

On the brink of insanity;
decomposing alive
in a coffin
‘Solitary Confinement.’


I got the inspiration for this after watching the first episode of Mind Field. Isolation is a killer and harmful to not just the brain, but to the physical body. It does not make sense that we deprive people out of the basic need of senses or social contact. Poor sleep and diets are also harmful, and most of our prisons are designed to worsen someone’s condition. I refuse to believe that solitary confinement for prolonged periods can be a benefit to anyone. If we want inmates to come out reformed, we need to treat them with respect, like they are living creatures (yes, animals deserve respect too). Sensory stimuli are basic human rights. For those who are interested, here is the first episode to Mind Field:


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Us Two

We are two. Two people. Two friends. Two lovers. Two strangers. Two brothers. There is no definition for what we are, or what we have. A metaphysical concept that my mind is unable to comprehend. Nonetheless, I attempt to understand it until these neverending thoughts make my head hurt.

We may be more than friends and less than lovers. More than lovers and less than friends. Does it matter? We are two people bound to one fate. Our breaths connect us; from my mouth to yours, from yours to mine. Your air is mine. I have claimed it. Living in the same moments. Your gaze fixed in mine; the universes in our eyes clash – but what are we? Two souls lost in space, gravitating towards one another. Twisting. Turning around. Double Helix. Two people.

I see parts of myself in you, and I hate it. You see parts of yourself in me, and you hate it. We hate ourselves and love each other. We hate each other and love ourselves. We make each other into something we are or are not; something that my mind struggles to define. Perhaps, I am simply trying to grasp what we have so that once I describe it, I can write it on paper and it will forever exist in history. Without definition, it risks getting lost in vicious winds; it risks getting sunk in an ocean, like lifeless bodies whose lungs are filled with nothing but the spit of their lover. Without definitions, we are simply two creatures without a place to call home.


If you have read Call Me By Your Name, you might realise that I took inspiration from the stream-of-consciousness style used by the author. I have been truly touched and inspired by the book – it is a masterpiece.


My newest poetry collection is available on Amazon (paperback)and Kindle (e-book). Read more about it at Welcome to the Sombre Days


I am a shuttle
and the planet
is my maker.

Its body birthed mine;
from its rock and metal
I became – me.

Preparing for take-off.
One last revision
of all the physics lessons;
I got to find my own way.

The thought of separation
is an anchor that
sinks right to its core;
intense apprehension –
gravitational field augmented.

I orbit –
aimlessly in its atmosphere.
caught between the engine thrust
and the gravitational pull.

Struggling to break out,
a rebel without control
forced to obey
the laws of nature.

I was meant to be a shuttle
instead, I became – satellite.


Welcome to the Sombre Days is available on Amazon (paperback)and Kindle (e-book).