Poetry Book Review: Simple Weight

Simple Weight by Tania Runyan


Simple Weight is a very apt title of combining the weight of living with the simplicity of being. I enjoyed Simple Weight for its imagery-laden poetry and the vivid descriptions—they brought nature alive. This is how the poem Sunset of Dust begins:

“When the western light saturates our room,
we see that we live in nothing more
than a nebula of dust. We watch the flurries
of our skin shimmer and swirl in the rays,
forty thousand cells a minute sloughing into the cloud.”

I think Runyan expressed herself well with the personal poems. At the same time, the book was inundated with religious poems, and although I didn’t mind the spirituality aspect, I didn’t care for the biblical persona poems, as they felt somewhat forced, impersonal and ingenuine.

Overall, I did enjoy reading the collection, but I wouldn’t have strong recommendation for it as far as contemporary poetry goes. I had no qualms with the style of the language used, so it might be a good book for Christian readers. If you’re not, I don’t think there’s anything too special about this collection to consider.

Sources and Links:

Book: Simple Weight
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