Poetry Book Review: Sunshine, Sadness, and other Floridian Effects


I breezed through this chapter in one sitting as it was quite enjoyable. The language & imagery were refreshing & lovely. Here’s one of my favourite examples:

“I used to think about licking saltwater
From between your breasts
So close to me that I could trace your
Lazy ocean body with my tongue at high noon”

Sunshine, Sadness, and other Floridian Effects (p. 8)

Poems ranged in format and content and worked really well together. I particularly liked the poems which were really texts to and from her dad—their melancholy & nostalgia got through to me. Some poems could probably use more tightening, but nonetheless, they were pleasant. I truly recommend reading (especially since it’s pay-what-you-want) as it’s definitely worth the time, and it might lead you to Shelby’s other collections, which I’m intrigued of getting now.

Sources and Links:

Book: Sunshine, Sadness, and other Floridian Effects
Book Cover: Goodreads
Author’s Twitter: Shelby Eileen


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