Heartbreaker (The White Kid)


Two months ago, INKubator posted an exercise Get Cracking #1: Show vs Tell, where we had ten prompts that are ‘tells’ and we had to develop them into ‘shows’. The following poem comes from the tenth prompt, “That’s a cute kid you have.”

I decided to have fun with it, and got inspired by the Maltese saying “tal-gdim”, which would be literally be translated into biteable, and is used to show how cute a kid is. I was also inspired by the adulthood projects we often put on kids, declaring how they’ll be like in 20 years or so.


Heartbreaker (The White Kid)

His plump cheeks flush red,
urging my hands to grab them
and stretch them out
as if his face were pizza dough.

Beachy blonde hair
sits atop of his head
like mozzarella strings,
waiting to be melted
in the summer heat.

His olive-green eyes gleam
above his rosy cheeks.
He sticks out his ham tongue,
acting his usual playful tease.

I said to his mother:
he’s a troublemaker,
he’ll be a heartbreaker,
but that’s all right cause
he’s both handsome and white.

Writer: Jeremy Mifsud
Exercise: Get Cracking #1: Show vs Tell
Photo: Aaron Mello on Unsplash


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