Inside Me (2 poems from Welcome to the Sombre Days)

Inside Me (1) was already posted on my blog, but now I’m adding  Inside Me (2) alongside. Both poems are featured in Welcome to the Sombre Days.

Inside Me (1)

Little child,
angel wings,
pure heart.

Imitation of the holy,
acts of kindness,
sin is a foreign concept.

My feet follow a virtuous path,
my ears attuned
to the chimes of church bells.

my mum nurtured it,
I take pride in that.

I pump my chest.
I’m the ideal kid,
unlike the other students.

At the daily mass
I kneel and chant
prayers of admiration.

With body, soul and mind,
I’m ready to receive inside me
the holiest man.

Inside Me (2)

Young man,
fallen wings,
corrupted heart.

Holiness has faded,
selfishness reigns
in a lone kingdom.

My feet walk in uncharted lands
searching rest
for my dreaded soul.

Righteousness –
it is an authoritarian myth
told by those in control.

I feel alone,
different than all the others –
there is no place where I belong.

I am a sinner now –
impure fantasies
clutter my consciousness.

I’ve become soulless,
my bare body is ready
to receive inside me
just another man.

Inside Me (1) and Inside Me (2) are poems from Welcome to the Sombre Days, which you can get from Amazon or Kindle. You may also add it to your books on Goodreads.


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