Book Sale: Welcome to the Sombre Days

Between Monday 1st October up to Saturday the 6th of October, the digital version of Welcome to the Sombre Days is reduced to $0.99 at Amazon (US & Global Store) and to £0.99 at Amazon (UK Store)

Welcome to the Sombre Days

Why? In the past few months, I have been engaging more actively in writing communities, and have improved my writing. When re-reading my own poetry, I was happy with what I had written, but felt that I could do better. I edited some of the poems and rewrote a couple to give the readers a better experience. At heart, it is still the same poetry collection, containing 88 poems in the same order. Simply put, the poems share their message a little better.

I have simply updated the book, so those who have already got the Kindle version can updated their version without having to buy a new edition. For the new readers, the updated version will be found in all purchased copies of the paperback and kindle.

Remember, the sale lasts less than a week, so make use of it:
UK: Welcome to the Sombre Days
US & Global: Welcome to the Sombre Days.

Read more about the collection on the information page: Welcome to the Sombre Days and it to your Goodreads.


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