When You’re Gay

When you’re gay
dating is just the same
as if you were straight.

instead of holding hands,
you walk behind him
to avoid being harassed.

instead of gazing deeply into his eyes,
you make sure no stranger is staring
before you go in for a kiss.

instead of enjoying the bliss
in a loving embrace,
you protect yourselves
from the man with bulging eyes
who repeatedly shouts
at the top of his lungs:
“The bible clearly states,
one MAN and one WOMAN!

Then, you spend the rest
of your evening
calming down your date
who no longer feels safe
being held in your arms.


This poem was first published on Steemit.

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15 thoughts on “When You’re Gay

  1. Damn this poem hits so close to home. I’ve always not cared about stuff like that but my love interests always have. It stings, it sucks, it hurts… It makes me feel unequal. It feels unfair and there’s nothing you can do about it .

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    1. Yeah. I have a very similar experience. I’m a young guy and most of the people I’ve date were at least a couple years older – and that meant a lot culturally. I was always fine with my sexuality, yet my first relationship was all about walking separately, and I’m pretty sure that his anxiety became part of mine too, eventually.

      That story about the yelling man… that happened on a first date with someone else who was a year younger than me. It was terrifying for him.

      When all you want is to hold hands and smooch like anybody else, it definitely stings when you cannot, because whoever you’re with doesn’t feel comfortable. And if they do, they’re cautious – not losing themselves in a passionate moment.

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      1. Yeah it sucks that we still have to live in the dark, even just a little bit. I’ve just been swimming on a date and he didn’t even want me touching him. It felt very secluded.

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      2. Yeah… that’s one of the reasons that after a small time, I refused to go out with anyone who is still in the closet. I get that everyone has their demons, but it is not healthy for some of us that get out of the closet, only to go back in for others (at least for a little while).

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      3. Yeah I don’t think I would be able to have something serious going on with someone who is in th closet. Even so if they were around me and my friends they would have to be ok with my friends knowing that there’s something going on between us. I wouldn’t wanna take a step back again too!

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      4. Closeted or not, writing is something many men won’t understand. But I don’t think a closeted man is more likely to dislike poetry. I imagine that writing might be good for gay men who struggle with their sexual identity.

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      5. Well, that’s not what I meant. I mean, If they knew I was writing poetry and publishing it online about them, they probably would feel more anxious about it – even if it doesn’t mention them directly. I’m lucky enough to have found my boyfriend through poetry, so no complaints from his side 🙂

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