Locked Treasure

I hold the key
against my chest,
its cold metal
against the warmth
of my anxious body.

Like an octopus
brooding her eggs,
I have waited months
for your embrace.

Travelled miles
along a scorching desert,
to be quenched
like a cactus
after Autumn rain.

In front of your door,
inhale a big breath
as I put the key
inside the hole.

Sweat slides
off my panicked face,
when the key fails
to turn the lock.

You reject
my phone calls,
deafened to my cries,

I should have known
your smooth words
were stupid lies.

My fists clenched
in anger, resentful
of my foolishness,

the key to a lock
that has been replaced,
remains buried
in my hands.


Prompt for 22nd January 2018: Candid

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