While turning pages of a book
I catch a glimpse of him
through my glasses.

Heart flutters panicked
face flushing red
as memories of shame come crashing
like towering tsunamis,
embarrassingly throw the book on a table
as my feet hurridly walk me home,
almost stumbling in the library staircase.

Slam the door behind me,
locking it thrice.

I am safe
feeling unsafe,
my back resting against the door
sliding until my body has sunk
onto the welcome mat.

Long black skirt wipes a stream of tears,
gazing into my new home,
an empty house
devoid of colour.

Fled thousands of miles
to never see him again,
he appears in strangers’ faces,
haunting me anywhere I go.

He is the demon whose torment I cannot escape.


Prompt for 12th January 2018: Evoke

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9 thoughts on “Torment

  1. I read all ur 4poems today itself as I have my exams on now and no time but I really blew off with ur poetry in your poetry world. Really I can see the world depicted in ur poetry. I am rather a big big fan of ur poetry and when ever I read any it makes think on every word written there.
    My request:-
    Plz donot write such Dee poetry I’ll get lost somewhere there!!
    Just awesome…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing how you expressed the theme ‘evoke’ in these lines … so uniquely done…I do feel the fear when I read…like a frightened child trapped within the mind and emotions of an adult… loved this one Jeremy

    Liked by 1 person

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