Is this Seat Taken?

Seated comfortably on red fabric,
a cup of soda placed on the left holder.

          He should arrive any minute now.

Popcorn flings into my hair,
scalp itchy from the disturbed thought
of uncleanliness.

         I washed my hair for tonight. 

I look at my phone and hesitate.

         Should I turn it off already? 

My thoughts are interrupted,
“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”.

         Yes, yes it is. 

The lights dim and the audience quiets down,
my eyes glancing at everything but the screen.

         Where are you?

Intermission, but no missed calls.
No texts. Nothing.
A sip of dilute soda.

         The ice must have melted. 

An alarming high-pitched noise,
my eyes swing wide open, startled.

         I must have dozed off.

Credits scrolling up the screen,
people are leaving
crushing nacho crusts under their shoes,

         the same way that under your feet
         you crush my heart. 


Prompt for 2nd January 2018: Reservation

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