Holy (Poem Featured in my Book)

A man
so handsome,
about to be thirty,
so young.

He is no god,
life full of mistakes,
unfulfilled dreams.

When seen on the streets,
he is just
another average man
who hides the charm
of his soul.

His morals are holy
an angel in disguise
doing good deeds,
or at least he tries.

Never perfect
but neither evil.

When I lay next to him,
I feel like a devil
the pure into being
a human.

He tends to forgive
all the things
I do
that taint
the purity of his soul.

Respectful of my humanity;
he is a biblical figure
waiting until I let myself
get blessed
by his holy touch.

He is my religion,
a role model
in the literal sense,
and I know
his humility will not comprehend
why I see him this way.

The poem is taken from my Poetry Book: The A to Z of You and Me which is available on Amazon and Kindle. Be sure to check out the book as well as two other featured poems Angel, Silence.

Kindle Second Ed

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