Silence (Poem Featured in my Book)

Here is a video of me reading the poem:

I enter the room,
my footsteps echo,
as the cold air
touches my skin.

My heart beating,
body breathing,
no other movement
can be heard.

You are nowhere to be seen,
my eyes remain hopeful,
trying to find a trace
of any of your belongings.

No luck,
I hear the clock tick and tock,
and that is the only sound
I can hear.

The walls keep on closing on me,
time running out,
I am suffocating out of oxygen,
suffering in silence.

Then, I scream,
sound waves breaking out the silence,
can you hear me
squeal in pain?

I try breaking out the walls,
find a way to communicate
but I am locked inside,
constantly knocking for your reply.

There is no light that gives me hope,
darkness shrouds the room,
and I lay here waiting,
I will keep on waiting,
until I hear your voice again.

The poem is taken from my Poetry Book: The A to Z of You and Me which is available on Amazon and Kindle. Be sure to check out the book as well as two other featured poems: Angel, Holy.

Kindle Second Ed


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