The Balloon Man

Within a maze of books,
on a dusty shelf
lays a legend
long forgotten.

A man held on to his dreams
like a child to his balloons,
their shell was mesmerising
and their size huge,
but inside
they were as hollow as his head.

They lifted him up,
floated through the clouds
in sunshine, rain and thunder.

Elevated too high in the sky,
intense pressure
exerted on the fragile,
the balloons imploding
one by one.

And he plummeted quickly
to the ground,
hurt and alone
in a land unknown.


Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Legend

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21 thoughts on “The Balloon Man

      1. hahaha..I believe life is like a continuous cycle, its always in motion and it is simple but generally people take life as something complex which it is inherently not. And sometimes I think as if we all are player of some reality tv show and we are being watched by other planets’ audience, which is sometimes termed as Truman syndrome. Hahaha, I could continuously talk about life, its so fascinating 🙂

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      2. yes, but if we don’t plan and other people plan then it won’t be good. I believe one of the best way to lead life based on what Aristotle said, “Golden Mean is the Golden Rule” and Buddha too said the same thing and he called it as “Middle path”

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      3. And scientists call it “Evolution”, it is all natural , we could ignore human made laws but resisting natural laws wont be advisable to anyone.

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