Excuse Me

A wide grin  is sown onto my silly face,
an expression
that you have called fake.

Excuse me,
if I do not spend
my day wailing
on yesterday.

Excuse me,
if I refuse to die
over embarassment
that has long gone by.

Excuse me,
if I try to be
the only light
in an underground tunnel.

Excuse me,
if I paint
grim walls
with colourful graffiti.

Do not excuse me
’cause I would not
apologise for who I am,
even if my glee rubs you
the wrong way.


Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Jolly

If you have enjoyed my poetry, you may read more About Me. You may also check out my first poetry book, The A to Z of You and Me.


13 thoughts on “Excuse Me

      1. Oh well, since we are jolly people, then I suppose we have an abundance of compassion and we can afford to tolerate angry folks. We cannot take it personally because, in reality, they are just projecting what they are feeling deep inside. You are happy inside so you are happy outside.

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