In front of me,
I see you,
my eyes glow with indefinite joy.

I wave,
I speak,
I scream.

Your unbothered, unmoved,
unable to hear what I say.
I fall to my knees,
trying to hold my tears back.

Are you just a dream?

Have I become a ghost so soon?

My attempts are futile,
my touch disintegrates into nothingness.

We are not here anymore…
I see you,
drifting into a separate world.




I am baffled.
Did we make it? How?
Thoughts running through my head.
Doubts. Ecstasy.
I guess time will tell.


Oh… wow.
We are still counting.
I guess we got something good going on,
but two is already too big of a number.
Can we outlast the count?


Memories. Distant in time, close to heart.
I miss you, a little bit too much.
Painful, and not just thrice.
I know we can make it till four.
Longing for anything,
patiently hurting.