Around a bubbling cauldron
each of us stands
putting in any ingredient,
the first that comes up in our heads.

There is none but one simple rule,
apologies should not be said,
whatever you throw
can never be taken back.

There is no redemption,
with one tiny mistake
you can rot all the good
inside the cauldron.

History no longer matters
and I am advising you to run away
before my madness casts a hex
on your worthless soul.


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I open my eyes to find myself deep inside a cave,
pitch black vision and echoing footsteps.

In front of me I can hear
liquid dropping into a puddle or sea,
so I stand still
thinking of ways to not drown myself.

From some path ahead,
a loud screech strikes,
Startled I step back…

Sinking in a thick liquid,
a liquid that was whispering
all the things I had written
in each of my exams.

The ink found its way back
to the author who shaped it,
ruthlessly seeking for the meaning
behind every letter and word,
filling my mind with unshakeable worries.


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