I am… Yours

In memory of your birth
the tribal celebrations
have commenced.

Primitive love
for the guy I treat like a god,
unorthodox sacrifices
are coming your way.

Have my tender lips and my sweet voice,
I will always speak in behalf
of what is right,
to protect your holy thoughts
from the evil that lurks.

I offer you my ears,
they will hear
each of your requests,
with my full attention
I will dedicate my life.

Take my legs,
they will support you
the same way that they carried me
for twenty-two years.

I offer you my mind,
my thoughts,
my capabilities of solving any problem,
it will by your aid.

Don’t forget to take my heart,
it will stay beating
as long as it is in your hands,
my emotions are solely dedicated to you
and everything I do revolves around you.

Oh lover,
dear god,
take all of who I am,
let us become one super-man
joining our strengths
and protecting each other from our weaknesses.


Check out my collection of romantic poems that I wrote for my lover on Poetry Book: The A to Z of You and Me


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