The Dance

Time is the beat
that creatures endlessly dance to.

Life is given to us
and we move freely
to the sound we perceive.

We keep dancing until
the beat drops so low –
we cease to exist.

No point in arguing the meaning
no reason to praise the giver of life
or to hate the one that takes it away.

Life is our current state of being
and we better celebrate it before
the song ends.



Decades turning right and turning left
into dead ends
between four cold walls.

Drowning in my own spit
suffocating in my own air
beautiful existence rotting
into a miserable curse.

Once a week I smile
and you snap a picture
telling every body
I am enjoying my life
more than ever before.

The crowd cheers
as my heart aches,
their joy is blinding
to the tears I shed
into this tiny pool.

What is poetry?

I am baffled…
How can poetry be classified
and judged in objective terms?

Is it the words that make the poem
or is it the emotion behind it?

For me, the therapeutic effect
is all that I seek
and every poem I write
serves that purpose
and is intrinsically valuable.

Yet to a reader who seeks solace
and finds none
judges poetry to be bad,
with his bitter after taste
laying on his untouched tongue.

Thus, poetry can be like philosophy
a way of living
a way of looking at things
and every judgement made on any poem
is simply an expression
of the relation between
the reader and the interpretation of the text.


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Hamster Wheel

A new semester begins
the same cycle
all over again.

First day
each student looks like a victim
of a humiliating public beheading.

Demoralised hamsters
running and spinning
on the same old wheel,
remaining in a fixed spot.

The future seems distant and bleak,
all this running is exhausting
and we are reaching nowhere –
we are only getting slimmer.

Stay focused
keep running,
they are saying that the finish line
is quite near.


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