Today every person is an expert,
I hear unsympathetic chatter
stating humans have total control
over all our actions.

It reminds me of the years that I was depressed
and I cannot count all the times
that I felt oppressed by my emotions.

I had no choice but simply to be,
I could not control the overbearing apathy.

I tried to become a strong-willed warrior
that fights off any demon within,
but the demons are not soldiers
they are witches that curse you
witches that control the way you think and feel.

As if I was controlled by a voodoo doll,
I tossed my shield away
and used the sharpest blade
to stab myself
over and over and over again.

I refuse to claim responsibility
for wrecking my soul, body and mind,
I was a passenger in the driver’s seat
but the vehicle was on auto-pilot.

You stand before me
judging the actions that surface,
and I look at you, in pity.

I may have been numbed by crippling depression,
but you are being directed by ignorance
into a dead-end of dumb ideas and a meaningless life.



You can find more information  about my collection of love poems on Poetry Book: The A to Z of You and Me


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