Six year olds
being six year olds
enjoying a break in class.

A girl, noticeably larger than the others,
two of her friends are laughing at her
for presumably passing gas.
The happiness that the children had suddenly disappears,
as she falls apart
lying on the floor
hyperventilating and crying.

Everyone gathers around
to see what is happening;
kids unknowing of the power words carry,
assuming she hit her head with a chair or a wall.

My eyes know that feeling,
a full-blown panic attack,
but this time I am not the one who is suffering,
it is a child, so young,
so innocent.

Thirty minutes pass by and she feels better
as soon as her mother arrives
to take her home.

She is determined
to never forgive those that she used to call friends.
In her mind,
they nearly killed her,
she has no idea how she survived.

If unintentional bullying
damaged a child who does not grasp
the meaning of things,
I wonder how much more harm
it can do to older kids,
who understand your words more,
who feel the pain cutting deeper.

I feel totally lost and confused at
how a person is determined to an inferior life right from the start,
because of their appearance.


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