The Meanings of a New Year

Two people standing in a room
breathing the same air
seeing things differently.

One of them is digging their nails
into the walls,
latching on
to those experiences
that brought him joy
throughout the year.

He feels as if
he is at the tip of a high mountain,
and the next year can only drag him down
a slippery slope
that is hard to recover from.
The other person cannot wait
to forget all the things that happened
in the year he sees as the worst.

Every year he regrets his actions,
praying that the next year
treats him better,
while going on his days
repeating the things he regrets.

In the room
there lays a hidden treasure
full of jewels and bright diamonds
next to their feet.
The chest remains forever unopened,
one does not welcome it
as it can result in change,
and the other wants nothing to do
with anything related to the past.

they run in circles forever,
unable to appreciate
the value of the present time.

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