Hi, err…. Follow?

Hi whomever you are,

I suppose this is where I try to charm you with words, so that you follow me. Well, instead, I’m going to drop a link to my Tumblr where you can read hundreds of poems that I have uploaded myself Poetry by Jeremy.

Occasionally I will be posting some exclusive poetry on here, as well as updating you with information related to big projects. For instance, I am currently in works of creating my first book, a collection of 26 poems, all exclusive to that book. Once it is available for sale and review, I will make sure to post it on this blog.

Other than that, I cannot make much promises except empty ones. If you follow me, I will knock on your door and give you a hug. Well, that’s a fine example, I would like to do that, but it is physically impossible, so instead enjoy a virtual hug and hope it fills your heart with warmth.

Jeremy Mifsud


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