The Meanings of a New Year

Two people standing in a room
breathing the same air
seeing things differently.

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My home is a temple
to an evil demon.

I walk out of my room
and I feel my stomach
trying to regurgitate,
a strong repulsive stench
of slowly-cooked meat.

Appetite has left me,
stranded starving
with no will to eat.

Back to bed I go
laying frozen
staring at the ceiling
embarrassed of my mother’s merciless deeds.

Furiously I clench my fist,
frustrated that I am breathing
impure air
tainted by the exploitation
of animals virgin to sin.

I cry
until my face turns gloomy blue
promising mother nature
that I have no intent to harm
her precious lovely creatures.

Earth daughter

Dandelions in winter time,
sunshine rays are brightly shining
upon us
on this joyous day.

Clouds afar
eyes wide open
the holiest child
growing older.

A divine gift
that twenty-two years ago
the gods gave to mother nature,
a daughter
that all nature would celebrate.

Rejoice mooed the cows,
hurray splashed the fish,
humanity has been purified
even if by just a slight bit.

This daughter so angelic,
in her ways misunderstood,
a body of a human
finding it hard
to carry
the pretty heavy wings.

Never giving up,
she drags her wings everywhere she goes,
up the Eiffel Tower
step by step, if needs be,
she would never give up her divinity
just so that her life would be easy.

I cannot grasp the suffering
that she might feel,
yet I admire her greatly,
thus to Mother Earth I give
every day and every week
so her precious little daughter
grows up to be


Winter cold is here,
the curse has reawakened
for another season.

My hands are icy white,
colder than a psychopath’s heart.

I touch your face to caress
the pure sweetness
that you are embraced with.

Your body impulses
to retract back,
pushing me away
as if I had put a dagger
against your throat.

Rejected from love and warmth,
I will wait outside
for the winter to end,
as I slowly turn
into an inanimate and emotionless snowman.

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