About Jeremy

Jeremy Mifsud is a queer and autistic poet from Malta. Social ineptitude becomes a catalyst for his art as he weaves unsaid words into poems and stories. He is the author of the poetry collection Welcome to the Sombre Days (2018). More of his works appear or are forthcoming in Please Hear What I’m Not Saying (2018), Terse Journal, Little Lion Literary, Constellate Magazine, Burning House Press, Lucent Dreaming, and others.  The updated list with the links to each published work can be found in Publications.

Outside of writing, Jeremy is currently reading for a Masters in Cognitive Science after graduating with a B.A in Philosophy and Psychology, followed by a Higher Diploma in Psychology.

Please send inquiries by email at jeremymifsud1994@gmail.com.

Jeremy Mifsud at the Tribuna ta’ Pinto in Qormi, Malta