Hi there! I am a 23 year old student from Malta who loves writing poetry. I have five-years experience in writing, and have have posted hundreds of poems online, as well as published two poetry collections.

My first book,  The A to Z of You and Me, was dedicated to my partner. It features twenty-six poems (yep, the amount of letters in the English alphabet) about the themes of love, pain, heartbreak, and anything that I may have experienced in my relationship.

Welcome to the Sombre Days is my second collection, and it is even more personal. It is my autobiographical story told in eighty-eight poems. These include serious topics such as coming to terms with being gay, and struggling with mental health, including a severe depression.

Other than those, I have been featured in other anthologies (check out Books for the full list), as well as publishing poetry online, which is not limited to the above topics.

I would like to thank you for your support,
Jeremy Mifsud