Welcome to my site!

On this site, I post a lot of my poetry frequently. I have challenged myself to attempt a poem every day for the Daily Prompt. Furthermore, I put online some of my other poetry which I write and is not published anywhere else. Take a look at the navigation guide below to see what you can access from the menu.

Navigation Guide: 

Home – The landing page with information about navigation (Yes, this is it!)

About Me – The page where you can read a couple of paragraphs about me

Poems & All Poems – The place to read all of my poems, sorted by date

Poems -> Daily Prompts – A list of poems that I have written for the Daily Prompt

Poems -> Short Poems – For those who prefer brevity, you might want to read only my shorter poems.

Poetry Books -> The A to Z of You and Me – Read information about my published book and access links to where you can get it from.

Contact Me  – Where you can submit any questions, discussions or feedback you have for me. Feel free to ask for a sample of my book

P.S. You can access the monthly archives and my most liked poems from the sidebar on the right.  Enjoy your stay!